Just for Students

Students, here are some great web sites for you to explore.
Also check out some sites in the Website Section that you might enjoy.

1   This site has information about the following: States/ Regions/ Biographies/ Science/ Sports/ Math/ Games  Factmonster

2   Sports Illustrated site for kids.  Sports Illustrated

3   A great search site.  kids.net.au

4   Games and activities for all ages.  Fun Brain

5   Educational games for Grades K-6.  Learning Planet

6   Short movies about different subject areas.  Brain Pop

7   Language, Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading Activities, and Games.  Primary Games

8   Activities and information on these story themes and more: Harry Potter, Animorphs, GooseBumps, I SPY, Magic School Bus, Captain UnderPants, The BabySitters ClubScholastic

9   www.magiceye.com

10 www.vision3d.com
All of these websites are filled with Magic Eye pictures and stereograms.

11   niehs/songs
Lots of children's songs with music and lyrics, also check out the Kid's Page for games and activities

12   www.lizardpoint.com/fun/index.html
Memory game, dot to dots, Find It (I SPY), Money game
(Very fun and easy)  Geography quizzes

13   www.m-ms.com/us/index.jsp
How M&Ms are made?  How they mix the colors in the bags? History of M&Ms and games

14    www.kcchiefs.com
All about the Kansas City Chiefs

15    www.nickjr.com
Kids and family activities website.

16    www.behindthename.com
Includes the history, origin and meaning of people's first names.

17 kidscom.com

18 www.popcap.com
Lots of Activities and Games at all levels

19    www.alfy.com
Cute games/activities for younger children. (stories/games/coloring/music)

20    www.lego.com
Lego website: Great building activities for kids

21    www.pbs.org/kids
Games and activities coinciding with PBS shows.  (Primary)

22    www.berenstainbears.com
Games and activities surrounding this cartoon

23    www.crayola.com
Printable activities such as mazes, dot-to-dots, etc.  and activity ideas to fill in time

24    www.sesameworkshop.org
Childrens television workshop- Activities, games and stories that coincide with the TV programs.

25    www.wbanimation.com/cmp/ani8.htm
Warner Brothers website of cartoons

26   http://home.disney.go.com/games/index
Disney Cartoons, Activities and Games

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